Houston Construction Injuries Claims Attorneys

With so much coordinated action occurring at any given point of time on a construction site, any failure to maintain its safety can have exceedingly dangerous consequences for workers. Unfortunately, construction accidents do occur with some regularity in the Houston area, many of which result in severe injuries that may potentially affect victims for the rest of their lives.

As the Houston construction injury claims attorneys at Soto Hernandez, LLP know, the consequences of a construction injury can extend well beyond the more immediate physical and emotional traumas associated with your accident. With that in mind, our Houston legal team will do everything they can to help you recover any and all damages you sustained as part of your accident.

Circumstances that Lead to Construction Injuries

Though any number of missteps or dangerous situations may potentially result in a construction injury, the following circumstances most commonly contribute to the accidents themselves:

  • Crane Collapse
  • Collapse of Scaffolding
  • Equipment Malfunction
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances
  • Vehicle Collisions
  • Falling Objects

Our Houston legal team can help you understand exactly what obligations your Houston employer and any third-party contractor may have had to prevent the exact circumstances of your accident.

Consult with a Construction Injury Attorney in Houston

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, the Houston construction injury attorneys at Soto Hernandez, LLP will do everything they can to help you recover the damages you sustained in the accident. To discuss the particulars of your accident with one of our Houston personal injury attorneys, please call our Houston offices at (713) 337 3930 today.